Plus Collection


Plusvilla 40 is packed with all the same features as the larger models.


The Plusvilla 60 model is a compact villa with one or two…

Plusvilla 80 and 80+20

The Plusvilla 80 model has two bedrooms, a toilet/ bathroom and a…

PLUSVILLA 100 AND 100+20

Plusvilla 100 is the largest of the original Plusvilla collection. A sauna…


The smallest villa of the new Plusvilla collection has a size of…


The Plusvilla 125 model has a separate 20 m² sauna or guest…

PLUSVILLA 130 AND 130+20

The new flagship model of the Plusvilla collection is approximately 150 m²…

Plusvilla 124

fits the needs of different building sites

Pluslog XS

a compact and urban home

Pluslog S

an open and efficient room plan in small size

Pluslog M

a sense of luxury

Pluslog L

everyday luxury at home


a small but significant part of our Plusvilla Collection

Plusvilla 40

a true wonder

Plusvilla 60

a vacation home for a couple or a small family

Plusvilla 80

the most popular of Plusvillas

Plusvilla 100

the most spacious of our one-floor Plusvillas

Plusvilla Atrium 114

a villa bigger than its size

Plusvilla 118

lets in the sunlight

Plusvilla Atrium 125

feels twice bigger than its real size

Plusvilla 140

features spacious bedrooms upstairs

Plusvilla Atrium 140

a luxurious vacation home designed with taste

Plusvilla 160

an extension of the model Plusvilla +100

Plusvilla 160S

a two-floor Plusvilla

Plushouse A 178

boasts with its high open space

Plushouse A 205

a touch of luxury to your days

Plushouse B 205

Similar to the model A205

Plusvilla 254

spacious and light indoor space and a sunny, private yard

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